Walk away, report your concerns, stop the trade
Campaigning to end the illegal puppy trade

Let’s stop the illegal puppy trade together

Thousands of puppies are born into the illegal puppy trade each year. Many are kept in horrendous conditions, are often removed from their mothers too early – causing distress, harm and health problems, all in the name of a quick profit.

Don’t help fund this cruel trade. Pledge your support to buy a puppy responsibly and spread the word using #SayNoToPuppyDealers.

Sign the pledge

A pledge to help end the illegal puppy trade

Let’s show puppy dealers that enough is enough. Stand up and pledge #SayNoToPuppyDealers

For every 10,000 pledges we get another paw will light up. Help us get 50,000 pledges and together we can stop thousands of helpless puppies suffering at the hands of cruel puppy dealers.

Pledges so far

Spread the word on social

Help stop the trade and spread the word about the devastating effects of puppy farming. Share our website with your friends and family on social and use #SayNoToPuppyDealers to show your support.

Become a Scottish SPCA Assured Puppy Breeder

To help prevent the public inadvertently fuelling the cruel puppy trade the Scottish SPCA will be introducing an assured puppy breeder programme in Scotland. It will be a free, voluntary scheme, which breeders can apply to, to show they value animal welfare.

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