Buying a puppy?

How to buy a puppy safely and responsibly

Not only is getting a puppy a big decision for you and your family, you also need to think about how you can buy one safely and responsibly.

Buying a puppy responsibly

If rehoming isn’t an option, your chosen puppy should be bright, active and friendly and should be purchased from a responsible breeder.

You should never allow someone to bring the puppy to you, and you should be able to see the environment they are being kept in. Always ask to see them interacting with their mum and siblings!

Responsible breeders will be open and honest about the health of the pups they are selling and will welcome your questions. Be cautious of any situations that sound “too good to be true”.

Read our helpful guide to recognising a responsible breeder to help you on your puppy buying journey.

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Why not consider rehoming?

Rehoming an animal can be rewarding for you and your new pet. Your local rehoming centre will advise about breeds, care requirements, activity levels and more – meaning you’ll get lots of helpful and expert advice. Your new friend will be fully vet checked and come with all the correct paperwork. Plus, you’ll be helping a local charity and giving a dog a forever home.